Where was Grandma Born?

Where were my loved ones born?

You know where you were born, and you know where your children were born. However, you may not know where your parents, grandparents, and other members of your family were born. This will prove useful if you are going to trace your family tree back through time. You have to know where to find this information, and how to verify that the location and dates are correct.

One can never know a birth location for sure, especially within the extended family.  Date of birth, the names of the parents and perhaps even the maiden name of the mother can be found in the birth records.  This can be invaluable in researching a family tree.

You can find birth records by sending out for them, but that can be very time consuming and can take time to find the correct place to write.  Instead, you can search online as new information is being added to many genealogy sites every day.   If you simply cannot find the records you seek, don’t give up until you try another source. There are some sites that specialize in being able to find where your loved ones were born along with other helpful vital records for your family tree endeavor.  You can have results in minutes if not seconds. It can clear a path through your tree or solve that ‘brick wall’ and  take you in a whole new direction.

For a Source of Birth Records Click Here.

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