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Georgia, USA is a state located in the southeastern portion of the country. Georgia was established in 1732, and is the last of the original Thirteen Colonies. Georgia was the fourth state to ratify the United States Constitution, on January 2, 1788. It declared its secession from the Union on January 21, 1861, and was one of the original seven Confederate states. It was the last state to be restored to the Union, on July 15, 1870.  Georgia is known as the Peach State and the Empire State of the South. Atlanta is the capital and the most populous city.

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Athens Banner-Herald (GA) 8/10/2006-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Atlanta Daily World (GA) 2/23/2006-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Atlanta Jewish Times (GA) 4/28/2006-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The (GA) 1/1/1985-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Augusta Chronicle 1/7/1792 – 11/30/2003 Historical Newspapers
Augusta Chronicle and Georgia Advertiser 9/5/1822 – 12/29/1830 Historical Newspapers
Augusta Chronicle, The (GA) 1/1/1994-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Augusta Herald 7/17/1799 – 12/28/1815 Historical Newspapers
Chatsworth Times (GA) 11/18/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Cherokee Tribune (Canton, GA) 11/21/1998-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Clayton News Daily (Jonesboro, GA) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Coastal Antiques and Art (Savannah, GA) 7/1/2002-6/1/2006 Newspaper Obituaries
Coastal Senior (Savannah, Ga) 6/1/2004-6/1/2006 Newspaper Obituaries
Columbian Museum 3/22/1796 – 12/31/1799 Historical Newspapers
Columbus Daily Enquirer 11/4/1858 – 9/15/1932 Historical Newspapers
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 11/27/1855 – 7/9/1927 Historical Newspapers
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (GA) 7/22/1994-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Cordele Dispatch (GA) 11/14/2007-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Daily Citizen, The (Dalton, GA) 10/22/2007-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Daily Tribune News, The (Carterville, GA) 8/11/1998-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Dunwoody Crier, The (GA) 3/3/2004-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Farmer’s Gazette 6/17/1803 – 8/8/1807 Historical Newspapers
Forsyth County News (Cumming, GA) 2/16/2006-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Forsyth Herald (Cumming, GA) 3/23/2006-11/30/2009 Newspaper Obituaries
Gazette of the State of Georgia 2/13/1783 – 2/13/1783 Historical Newspapers
Georgia Argus 7/5/1808 – 2/14/1816 Historical Newspapers
Georgia Gazette 4/7/1763 – 11/25/1802 Historical Newspapers
Georgia Journal 12/12/1809 – 9/23/1817 Historical Newspapers
Georgia Weekly Telegraph 1/30/1880 – 12/30/1881 Historical Newspapers
Gwinnett Daily Post (Lawrenceville, GA) 3/16/2005-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Henry Daily Herald (McDonough, GA) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Jackson Progress-Argus (GA) 10/23/2007-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Johns Creek Herald (Duluth, GA) 1/5/2006-12/10/2009 Newspaper Obituaries
LaGrange Daily News (GA) 2/1/2006-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Loganville Tribune, The (GA) 7/25/2007-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Louisville Gazette 5/12/1802 – 3/2/1811 Historical Newspapers
Macon Telegraph 2/1/1860 – 3/11/1923 Historical Newspapers
Macon Telegraph, The (GA) 8/18/1994-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Macon Weekly Telegraph 11/1/1826 – 2/16/1921 Historical Newspapers
Marietta Daily Journal (GA) 12/7/1998-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Marietta Journal 9/18/1868 – 10/31/1998 Historical Newspapers
Milledgeville Republican 3/20/1816 – 3/27/1816 Historical Newspapers
Moultrie Observer, The (GA) 10/23/2007-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Newton Citizen, The (GA) 11/16/2007-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Reflector 11/12/1817 – 2/2/1819 Historical Newspapers
Revue & News, The (Alpharetta-Roswell, GA) 1/5/2006-10/14/2009 Newspaper Obituaries
Rockdale Citizen, The (Conyers, GA) 11/24/2007-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Savannah Morning News (GA) 7/1/1999-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Savannah Republican 1/1/1849 – 12/31/1851 Historical Newspapers
Savannah Tribune 12/4/1875 – 12/28/1922 Historical Newspapers
Southern Banner 3/23/1833 – 12/9/1837 Historical Newspapers
Southern Centinel 11/28/1793 – 5/31/1798 Historical Newspapers
Thomaston Times, The (GA) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Thomasville Times-Enterprise (GA) 11/14/2007-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Tifton Gazette (GA) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Times, The (Gainesville, GA) 4/1/1999-4/29/2004 Newspaper Obituaries
Union-Recorder, The (Milledgeville, GA) 10/24/2007-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Valdosta Daily Times (GA) 1/11/2008-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Walton Tribune, The (Monroe, GA) 8/3/2003-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Waycross Journal-Herald (GA) 8/25/2005-Current Newspaper Obituaries

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