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On line databases of historical newspapers are a useful source of information for family tree research. They can provide records of events that happened in the community and even specific events that mention your ancestors.

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American Watchman    7/19/1809 – 7/21/1820    Historical News

Delaware Gazette    6/28/1785 – 12/29/1814    Historical News
Delaware Gazette and State Journal    8/2/1809 – 1/7/1831    Historical News
Delaware Patriot and American Watchman    1/25/1828 – 12/5/1828 Historical News
Delaware State News (Dover, DE)    7/23/1992-Current  Obituaries
Delaware State Reporter    6/17/1853 – 10/14/1859    Historical News
Delaware and Eastern-Shore Advertiser    5/31/1794 – 3/4/1799    Historical News
Dover Post (DE)    6/4/2008-Current  Obituaries

Hockessin Community News (DE)    6/4/2008-Current Obituaries

Journal, The (Harrington, DE)    1/4/2007-Current Obituaries

Leader & State Register (Seaford, DE)    1/4/2007-1/28/201 Obituaries

Middletown Transcript, The (DE)    6/4/2008-Current Obituaries
Milford Chronicle (DE)    1/4/2007-Current  Obituaries
Mirror of the Times, & General Advertiser    1/18/1800 – 8/22/1806    Historical News

Peninsular News and Advertiser    8/2/1861 – 2/13/1863    Historical News

Smyrna-Clayton Sun-Times (DE)    10/2/2009-Current  Obituaries
Sussex Countian (Georgetown, DE)    10/2/2009-Current Obituaries
Sussex Post (Seaford, DE)    1/4/2007-Current Obituaries

Search Delaware Historical Newspapers

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