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GenealogyBank's exclusive newspaper archive for family history research provides information on millions of American families from 1690–today. Over 4,300 newspapers provide first-hand accounts about your ancestors that simply can't be found in other sources. You'll be fascinated by the stories, names, dates, places and events that have played a role in your family's history. .

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Start with the town newspapers in which your ancestors lived.  Also search neighboring towns and a nation wide newspaper.  Look at community foreign language newspapers and out of area newspapers of close relatives.  You never know what you may find!

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Search by all fifty states of the USA for family tree events and information in historical newspaper archives.  .

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Newspaper archives are an excellent source of vital records substitute data.  Historical newspapers can provide photographs and insight into the community of your ancestors. They can provide names of the friends and relatives.  Information from newspaper archives can advance your family tree research by providing important clues.



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