Searching for Death Records?

Relatives Lived and Died In Another State, Do You Know Where They Are Buried?

Death is inevitable and genealogists use many death associated records to find elusive ancestors. Tombstone, obituaries and death certificates are but some of the helpful aids that will further your research.  Unfortunately grave markers are not always one hundred percent accurate.   If you do visit the cemetery, you will note some are worn and faded and most do not have much information beyond the name and a year.  Often we don’t know where our relatives’ final resting place was.   That is when you can turn to the Internet for help.

One great source for cemetery information are the many ancestry sites found online. There are complete listings of cemeteries (including what is on each tombstone marker) that are indexed and available for search online . When you simply do not want to spend time searching on your own, or you find nothing through your search efforts, you can find quicker and easier help somewhere else.  Available are sites that specialize in old records so you can find a cemetery that may have the information that you seek for your family tree research.

Click here for access to Death Records.

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