Ancestors in Cemeteries – Death Search Records

Find Your Family in Cemetery Records – Death Search

Gravestones (tombstones) can be a useful aid for your family tree research. Information on the stones can include birth and death dates, as well as maiden names, relationships, towns of origin,religious affiliation and military service.

The death search records in the cemetery office often have information not found on the gravestone. It is wise to check for the names of other family members in the plot but not listed on the stone or in a grave nearby.

The type of information that may be found in cemetery death search
records include:

  • date of the original purchase of the cemetery lot
  • the lot number and location
  • names of each person buried in the lot, their date of death, their ages, and the date of their burial

Infants or young children who died at a young age may be buried with your ancestors. Their death search records could provide valuable information not included in the record of your direct ancestor.

How do you find the cemetery?

Obituaries or death certificates will frequently contain the name of the cemetery. Memorial cards, funeral or condolence books can also be a good resource and may be found with the family’s papers and records.

Check at your local genealogy society as many have compiled cemetery indexes and often you can find access to these indexes online. and the Cemeteries page at are two more sources of death search information for online cemetery records.

A quick search in google or your favorite search engine can be helpful for finding locations of cemeteries. Enter your city or town, or country of interest along with the
word “cemetery”.

If you don’t know the name of the cemetery, look for cemeteries near where the individual lived. If you know your ancestors religious affiliation, check church websites
as they may have locations of cemeteries in that area.

You can search for cemetery and other death search related records on one of the large genealogy databases through the category page for Death, Burial, Cemetery & Obituaries. If you are fortunate to find a death search record of interest sign up for the free trial.

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