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Title Date Range Collection
Brookfield-Elm Grove NOW (WI) 10/4/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Capital Times, The (Madison, WI) 3/20/1989-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Cedarburg News Graphic (WI) 6/25/2001-Current, currency varies Newspaper Obituaries
Daily News, The (West Bend, WI) 7/12/2000-Current, currency varies Newspaper Obituaries
Daily Press, The (Ashland, WI) 1/2/1999-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Guardia 10/21/1969 – 8/1/1975 Historical Newspapers
Jeffersonian Democrat 8/14/1856 – 3/26/1857 Historical Newspapers
Kalihwisaks (Oneida, WI) 3/27/2010-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Kettle Moraine Index (Dousman, WI) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Milwaukee Defender 1/3/1957 – 2/1/1958 Historical Newspapers
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI) 1/22/1990-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Milwaukee Journal of Commerce 3/15/1871 – 12/22/1880 Historical Newspapers
Milwaukee Sentinel 6/27/1837 – 6/13/1866 Historical Newspapers
Milwaukee Star 7/22/1967 – 2/10/1977 Historical Newspapers
Milwaukee’r Socialist 9/22/1876 – 9/21/1877 Historical Newspapers
Mukwonago Chief (WI) 3/28/2010-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Northwestern Recorder 12/3/1892 – 3/30/1893 Historical Newspapers
Oconomowoc Enterprise (WI) 3/27/2010-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Racine Courier 10/16/1976 – 7/25/1992 Historical Newspapers
Soul City Courier 10/12/1976 – 1/18/1977 Historical Newspapers
Soul City Times 9/14/1968 – 12/16/1971 Historical Newspapers
Superior Telegram (WI) 5/19/2006-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Sussex Sun (Hartland, WI) 10/3/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Times Press (Hartford, WI) 3/29/2010-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Waukesha Freeman (WI) 6/12/2000-Current, currency varies Newspaper Obituaries
Wauwatosa NOW (WI) 3/27/2010-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Weekly Wisconsin Patriot 7/8/1854 – 12/26/1863 Historical Newspapers
Wisconsin Afro-American 8/13/1892 – 11/19/1892 Historical Newspapers
Wisconsin Chief 1/21/1857 – 9/29/1866 Historical Newspapers
Wisconsin Daily Patriot 9/10/1859 – 11/14/1864 Historical Newspapers
Wisconsin Democrat 10/18/1842 – 5/8/1852 Historical Newspapers
Wisconsin Free Democrat 9/9/1845 – 11/28/1860 Historical Newspapers
Wisconsin Free Press 4/3/1984 – 1/12/1990 Historical Newspapers
Wisconsin Labor Advocate 8/20/1886 – 8/6/1887 Historical Newspapers
Wisconsin Patriot 10/22/1864 – 10/22/1864 Historical Newspapers
Wisconsin Populist 9/10/1892 – 11/8/1892 Historical Newspapers
Wisconsin State Journal 3/10/1857 – 12/27/1889 Historical Newspapers
Wisconsin State Journal (WI) 3/19/1989-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Wiskonsan Enquirer 11/8/1838 – 3/27/1841 Historical Newspapers

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