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New Jersey Newspaper Historical Archives

Title Date Range Collection
AIM Jefferson (NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
AIM Sussex County (Newton, NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
AIM West Milford (NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Advertiser-News, The (Sussex County, NJ) 6/9/2005-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Argus (Kinnelon, NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Atlantic Democrat 4/6/1861 – 5/20/1865 Historical Archives
Atlantic Journal 10/13/1859 – 10/24/1862 Historical Archives
Atlanticville (Long Branch, NJ) 12/29/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Bayonne Journal, The (NJ) 6/3/2004-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Beobachter Am Egg Harbor River 10/2/1858 – 12/25/1858 Historical Newspapers
Bridgeton Evening News 2/13/1879 – 1/1/1923 Historical Newspapers
Burlington Advertiser 4/13/1790 – 12/13/1791 Historical Newspapers
Burlington County Times (Willingboro, NJ) 12/16/2002-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Centinel Of Freedom 10/5/1796 – 12/26/1820 Historical Newspapers
Central Record, The (Medford, NJ) 3/22/2007-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Chronicle, The (Somerville, NJ) 6/11/2005-3/3/2007 Newspaper Obituaries
City Journal (Jersey City, NJ) 6/3/2004-6/30/2005 Newspaper Obituaries
Cranford Chronicle, The (NJ) 6/9/2005-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Der Egg Harbor Pilot 3/22/1860 – 3/31/1866 Historical Newspapers
Der Pilot 12/18/1858 – 3/19/1859 Historical Newspapers
Der Wochentliche Unzeiger 6/4/1859 – 8/6/1859 Historical Newspapers
Der Zeitgeist 4/6/1867 – 3/23/1872 Historical Newspapers
East Brunswick Sentinel (NJ) 1/20/2010-Current Newspaper Obituaries
East-Jersey Republican 5/22/1816 – 7/3/1816 Historical Newspapers
Edgewater View (NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Egg Harbor Aurora 8/18/1860 – 11/28/1860 Historical Newspapers
Egg Harbor Beobachter 1/13/1859 – 4/28/1859 Historical Newspapers
Egg Harbor Pilot 4/7/1866 – 3/23/1872 Historical Newspapers
Examiner (Monmouth County, NJ) 3/8/2010-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Federal Republican 1/25/1803 – 1/17/1804 Historical Newspapers
Fort Lee Suburbanite (NJ) 11/5/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Genius of Liberty 5/24/1798 – 3/5/1811 Historical Newspapers
Glen Ridge Voice (NJ) 10/12/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Gloucester County Times, The (NJ) 8/11/2004-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Hackensack Chronicle (NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Herald News (West Paterson, NJ) 9/1/2005-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Hub, The (Red Bank, NJ) 1/5/2010-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Hunterdon County Democrat (Flemington, NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Independent Press (Summit – Berkeley Heights – New Providence, NJ) 8/2/2006-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Independent, The (Monmouth County, NJ) 1/5/2010-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Item of Millburn and Short Hills, The (NJ) 12/3/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Jersey Chronicle 5/2/1795 – 4/30/1796 Historical Newspapers
Jersey Journal 5/2/1867 – 12/30/1922 Historical Newspapers
Jersey Journal, The (Jersey City, NJ) 6/20/2003-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Kearny Journal, The (NJ) 6/19/2003-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Mahwah Suburban News (NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Messenger-Gazette, The (Somerville, NJ) 6/9/2005-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Midland Park Suburban News (NJ) 10/11/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Miscellany 6/10/1805 – 12/2/1805 Historical Newspapers
Montclair Times, The (NJ) 4/1/2010-Current Newspaper Obituaries
New Jersey Journal 11/2/1785 – 4/19/1786 Historical Newspapers
New Jersey State Gazette 9/19/1792 – 12/31/1799 Historical Newspapers
New-Jersey Gazette 12/5/1777 – 11/27/1786 Historical Newspapers
New-Jersey Journal 5/10/1786 – 12/29/1818 Historical Newspapers
New-Jersey Telescope 11/4/1808 – 11/7/1809 Historical Newspapers
News Transcript (Manalapan, NJ) 3/10/2010-Current Newspaper Obituaries
News of Cumberland County, The (Bridgeton, NJ) 7/31/2004-Current Newspaper Obituaries
North-South Brunswick Sentinel (NJ) 1/13/2010-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Northern Valley Suburbanite (Englewood, NJ) 3/15/2010-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Nutley Sun (NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Palladium of Liberty 5/5/1808 – 12/26/1822 Historical Newspapers
Parsippany Life (NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Pascack Valley Community Life (Emerson, Hillsdale, Montvale, NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Passaic Valley Today (Little Falls, Totowa, NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Political Intelligencer 10/14/1783 – 5/3/1786 Historical Newspapers
Press of Atlantic City, The (NJ) 1/1/1988-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Ramsey Suburban News (NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Record, The (Hackensack, NJ) 1/2/1985-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Ridgewood News, The (NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Rural Visitor 7/30/1810 – 7/22/1811 Historical Newspapers
Salem Standard and Jerseyman 11/17/1819 – 4/25/1832 Historical Newspapers
Secaucus Journal (NJ) 5/20/2004-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Sentinel 6/26/1880 – 11/4/1882 Historical Newspapers
South Bergenite (South Hackensack, NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
South Jersey Republican 9/19/1863 – 7/1/1865 Historical Newspapers
Star-Ledger, The (Newark, NJ) 2/13/1996-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Suburban (Old Bridge, NJ) 1/6/2010-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Teaneck Suburbanite (NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Times, The (Trenton, NJ) 3/21/2007-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Today’s Sunbeam (Salem, NJ) 10/22/2004-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Trenton Evening Times 1/7/1883 – 3/15/1993 Historical Newspapers
Trenton Federalist 12/2/1800 – 12/27/1824 Historical Newspapers
Trenton State Gazette 1/12/1847 – 12/31/1898 Historical Newspapers
Trenton Sunday Times-Advertiser 11/6/1938 – 11/6/1938 Historical Newspapers
Tri-Town News (Ocean County, NJ) 1/16/2010-Current Newspaper Obituaries
True American 3/10/1801 – 9/21/1818 Historical Newspapers
Twin-Boro News (Bergenfield, Dumont, New Milford, NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Verona-Cedar Grove Times (Montclair, NJ) 10/2/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Warren Reporter, The (Hackettstown, NJ) 6/28/1997-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Washington Whig 7/31/1815 – 9/13/1834 Historical Archives
Waterfront Journal, The (NJ) 7/24/2003-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Wayne Today (NJ) 10/14/2009-Current Newspaper Obituaries
Westfield Record-Press, The (NJ) 6/5/2005-9/26/2008 Newspaper Obituaries
Woodbury Daily Times 11/23/1904 – 12/30/1922 Historical Newspapers

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