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Documents of American History:

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[Since this was first written has been renamed to Fold3 and has focused primarily on historic military records]

Fold3 provides access to millions of U.S. document digitized images, including military service and pension records, naturalization index cards, widows’ pension records, newspapers, city directories, photographs and more.

Benefits of Fold3

  • Features original historical documents online
  • Revolutionary War Records
  • Civil war records – over 18 million images
  • WWI records
  • Partner ship with National Archives
  • Many more records
  • Ability to add comments or annotate to individual document pages
  • Ability to print and save records

Cons:  The search feature of Fold3 is not very intuitive. It takes practice to learn to search effectively on this website.

Other features of Fold3

Create a Fold3 Page to share your research

  • collect and share everything you know historically about a person or event.
  • upload pictures, documents
  • link maps
  • identify related pages or web links
  • control how you edit a page
  • View a Timeline to put events in perspective
  • Gather and organize lots of details
  • Records the stories and include images
  • Comment feature

==> Visit Fold3 (Free Trial for 7 days)

UPDATE – August 2011. Footnote has been renamed to Fold3 and reinvented itself to become a primary source of historic military records including Civil War, Revolutionary War, WW1. We continue to be pleased with Fold3′s offerings and have a full subscription.

>>>Check out the free 7 day trial below.

Search Civil Military - Fold3

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