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3 Key Factors for Paid Family Tree Search

Determining which online subscription based genealogy database to purchase is difficult.  The offerings for family tree search are varied and not easily compared at first glance.

There are three key factors to consider when purchasing access to genealogy databases.

1.  What do you hope to find? 

Do you need access to census records?   Do you want to concentration on documenting your family tree with vital records such as birth, marriages and deaths?  Perhaps you are looking for original source military records such as those available from the National Archives.

It is importantly to carefully consider your needs before investing in a subscription genealogy database as they can offer different content.

2.  How much do you want to spend?

Do you want a low cost pay as you go option for vital records?  Do want a comprehensive online historical records database that features billions of records?  It costs a lot of money to assemble large scale databases and you will literally pay for what you get.  Low cost options are less extensive.

3.  Try before you buy.

Consider doing a family tree search of the database before you purchase.   Often genealogy societies or libraries will have subscriptions and you can try using the genealogy database at those institutions.

If you prefer to research in the comfort in your own home sign up for a free trial of the database to ensure it meets your needs before purchasing.

Genealogy Know How has assembled a side by side one page comparison of the three largest family tree search databases.   The table features a point by point view of the several  types records people commonly search for and a cost comparison.   Take a look and decide which database best meets your needs.

>> Visit the Family Tree Search Genealogy Database Comparison

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