Get organized

Genealogy research can quickly become overwhelming if one doesn’t organize as they go.   Here are tips to help with the organization.

  • take note pad, pen, recording device with you on your genealogy visits
  • write it down, no matter how trivial
  • Date when and where and from whom you received your information
  • Capture all the information onto family history or pedigree charts or enter in family tree software
  • Check out the various genelaogy software pgroams to find the best one for you
  • Take a camera with you on your genealogy visits
  • Buy a file cabinet or organize into folders in boxes
  • Keep your genealogy files in a safe, dry place.
  • Scan all the photos and documents.  If possible, link or incorporate them into your family tree software
  • Make backups of all your files.  Now! (and store one set of backup files offsite).
  • Protect your family’s documents and photos.  Preserve not only the historical documents along with the ones used in your everyday life.
  • Keep a copy of any letters you receive or send out
  • Date all correspondence.
  • Write out the full date when recording dates (November 10, 1922 instead 10/11/22)
  • Put your name and contact information n all f your documents, especially when sharing with others.
  • Never throw away any of your research notes.
  • Bring along a memory stick when scanning or copying records at the public library. You may be able to copy files directly from their scanner.

Use these Genealogy Know How organizational tips to make your life easier as you accumulate more family tree information.

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