Connections – Writing a SURNAME Query

Connections with others that are researching the same SURNAME or lines as you can lead to a valuable family tree source, most likely unpublished.  Connections can be established by posting on the genealogy forums.  one example is

In order to get effective results, it takes a carefully worded SURNAME query.

Here are five tips for writing an surname query:

1.  Be Specific - concentrate on only one main surname or line per query

2.  Add specific locations and dates to your message

3.  Put the Surname in CAPITAL letters in the subject line of the query

4.  Summarize what you know about your family tree so far.  For example you may know the names of the parents and the names of two children, where they lived and their religion.

5.  State what you are looking for. Examples: find the country they are from, additional children, who the children married or any other parameter for which you are searching.

Remember to include your contact information with a current email address that will be valid for many years.   (It is highly suggested that you do not use your main email address in order to avoid spam).

Employing these five tips when writing a surname query on the genealogy forums will put you well on your way to finding family tree connections.

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