NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are Airing Again

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[News] Ancestry is excited to have partnered with NBC to bring you the first season of Who Do You Think You Are? this past spring. The show received such a great reception that NBC is airing four of the most popular episodes again — starting this Friday night.

Ancestry and NBC hope you’ll enjoy another chance to watch these intriguing and emotionally charged episodes and to share your favorites with friends and family. Tune in to NBC Friday nights from August 13th-September 3rd at 8/7c to watch Who Do You Think You Are?

Here’s a quick summary of the four episodes airing in the coming weeks:

Lisa Kudrow:  Watch as Lisa Kudrow visits the homeland of her Jewish ancestors to learn the heartbreaking truth about what happened there during the Holocaust — and solve a 60-year-old mystery for her father.

Sarah Jessica Parker:  Travel back in time with Sarah Jessica Parker as she discovers an ancestor accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials — and more surprises about her fascinating American roots.

Emmitt Smith: Tag along with football legend Emmitt Smith as he takes an emotional journey across the U.S. and all the way to the African coast to reveal important answers about his slave ancestry — and his identity.

Brooke Shields: Join Brooke Shields as she discovers the hardships her grandmother faced in early life — and then uncovers a centuries-old tale of rags to riches and a connection to generations of royalty.

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