Free Genealogy Forms for Beginner Genealogy

Working with Pedigree Charts and Family Group Sheets – free genealogy forms

Pedigree or Ancestral Chart

Once you start collecting, evaluating and analyzing your family tree evidence you will want to find ways to enter your data.  Organization is very important to beginner genealogy.

One of the forms used by genealogists is called a “pedigree chart” although it is sometimes used by other names, such as “family tree chart” or ancestral chart.

Pedigree charts are used to represent multiple generations of direct descent. You would start with yourself when recording information in a chart.

The next generation on the chart would be your parents, then your grandparents. and great grandparents.  Remember to include a woman’s maiden name as her surname. You may not have all the names or other information.  Enter as much as you have and enter it in pencil so you can change it later as needed.  Beginner genealogy is a process of adding one clue after another to the evidence as you build on your family tree.

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Family Group Sheet

While the pedigree or ancestral chart represents a single line of descent, a family group sheet is a representation of a complete family:  father, mother and all the children.  You potentially will prepare a family group sheet for every family you are researching.

The family group sheet begins by asking for the name of the person preparing the chart and their address.  In the event you share a copy of this chart with another researcher or family member , he or she will be able to contact you with questions or to share their research with you.

Take a few minutes to complete a family group sheet for your parents and family and include the information about you and your siblings.  Any facts you don’t know can be left blank for now.  You can come back later to complete them when you have located the documentation of the facts.

==>Download FREE genealogy forms: Family Group Sheet PDF Format

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